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Are you on a conquest of capturing all the seven kingdoms of Westeros, and acquire the Iron Throne?

game of thrones conquest hack tool

Well, in this article, we’ll be mentioning our topmost picks for the best Game of Thrones hack, to earn more resources in the game! These are really beneficial for the newcomers, who’ve just aimed to become the lord of Westeros.

10 Best Game of Thrones Conquest Hacks And Cheats


The quests are much similar to a tutorial, or a period of instructions, which can thoroughly guide you through many important tasks in the game, such as building farms and training a number of troops. So going behind the quest guidelines is the most simple and effective Game of Thrones Conquest hack to advance your way into the game.

  • As a beginner too, you need to follow Tyrion’s quest blindly, including all the tasks and chores assigned to you on a daily basis.
  • Although you can complete such tasks all by yourself, following the order of tasks mentioned in the quest would help you to grasp a better understanding of the later parts of the game.
  • You can receive huge amounts of rewards like food, golds etc., just by following and completing the quest in its original sequence of tasks.


 Don’t rush to claim all the rewards that you’ve been receiving. Try to stack up gold and resources in your farms, as much as possible. Because if somehow your farms get attacked by other players, they can drain all your resources in a minute. And it may take you weeks to gain back that amount of resources.

  • It’s a good Game of Thrones Conquest hack to store your rewards and keep them hidden from other players. You can utilize these rewards to obtain a bunch of resources and heal your troops after your farms have been under a massive attack.


Only training your troops and attacking other territories won’t help you uplift your in-game achievements any better. You’ll eventually need to upgrade the various components of your city in order to build a stronger force of troops and defend yourself against high-intensity attacks.

  • The quests may or may not contain a clause stating you to upgrade your city’s resource producers. But it’s a crucial Game of Thrones Conquest hack to follow and level up your empire significantly.
  • Upgrade farms and sawmills whenever possible even if you prefer sending your troops on a gathering march more. Because in case of a lack of troops, these would help in processing food and other resources, which you also require for healing a large number of injured troops.
  • Don’t forget to level up your Storehouse even after you upgrade your farms and sawmills. Because if the amount of produced resources that exceeds the limit of the storehouse can be looted easily by other players.


 Similar to all other warhead simulators, in Game of Thrones Conquest you can attack and gather various resources such as golds, from any other farms or quarries. But you surely do need an efficacious Game of Thrones Conquest hack, to hunt and loot your opponents proficiently. So let’s take a look at a step-by-step profile to keep in mind while handling any attack:

game of thrones conquest hack tool

  • Whenever you’re outside your city, you’ll be able to visualize a much larger map, containing many other cities that are available for you to attack. But don’t rush while attacking your enemies, as only having a peek at their stats and reserves can’t give you a clear idea of the difficulty level.
  • Analyze the enemy’s stats carefully. E.g. storehouses can only protect resources such as food up to a certain limit, thus making the abundant resources prone to be looted. Storehouses of various levels can store various amounts of resources, and you can’t loot a penny if the numbers are under the limits.
  • Just in case you undertake a battle and unleash a lethal performance, you can use the ‘Teleport’ feature of the game. We’d suggest you move to somewhere on the edges of the map, which would greatly enhance your security and will safeguard you from any reverting attacks.
  • There will be several AI creatures located on the map, which you can defeat to collect additional stockpiles.


 Being a warhead and city-building simulation of such a great extent, the game also offers a way to connect to your in-game friends and form an alliance with them. This is known as an ‘Allegiance’, which, as the game states, is a group of players, who can talk, create strategies, share allies and participate in Allegiance Rallies together to earn more rewards. You also do get 200 golds for free, just by joining an allegiance.

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So these Game of Thrones Conquest cheats and tricks will help you find the perfect companions for the game:

  • Do not team up with players, who visit the game once in a blue moon. Choose a team with regular players, to join in, as this would not only enhance your individual performance & ratings but also help your Allegiance to stand contrasted among all the other clans.
  • To join an Allegaince, click on the red button situated on the rightmost side of the bottom menu.
  • Whenever you aim to conquer a bigger and difficult city, it’s safe to gather enough allies from your Allegiance members.


Similar games like Clash of Clans, comprise of a feature, which shields your territory for about 24-48 Hrs, but unfortunately, in here, you’d get only a maximum of  8 Hrs standby time. In this period, no other player can attack or loot your reserves by marching in troops to your territory. But it’s important to know the perfect Game of Thrones Conquest hack to make the foremost use of this period.

  • As much as you progress within the game, you’ll be receiving many peace shields as rewards, but it’s advisable to not use them unnecessarily.
  • Whenever you face a major blow-off in the game and lose all your resources, I’d suggest you put on the shield first, and only then, rebuild your empire and heal your troops accordingly.
  • If your motive is to attack a targetted player’s territory, who has much more resources and troops strength as compared to you, it’s suggested that you build up your attacking tools only after putting the shields on. This would avert any other attacks on your farms and sawmills, and hus you can reach your desired objectives real quick.


 Although, as much time as you spend in the game, gradually, you’d be experienced enough to decisively choose which troops to use in order to achieve the maximal damage over a territory. But here are some quick Game of Thrones Conquest cheats to decide which troops are the most effective in many scenarios:

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  • Focus more on the rarer and stronger types of troops. As you go up quite a few levels in the game, you’d be unlocking various new types of troops. Train them in any available Barrack, Stable or Range you have, before setting out to conquer bigger territories.
  • There are three main kinds of troops: the infantry (will attack the enemy’s territory on foot), ranged troops (will extract and loot the resources) and the cavalry (troops on various creatures). Their coordination is really important in causing the maximum damage to your enemies. E.g. it’s illogical to release the ranged troops first, without the infantry backing them.
  • Send your troops to gather food and resources by tapping on the ‘Gather’ option on the map. Then choose the preferred types of soldiers that you’d like to go for a gathering march. Do this only when you’re not planning to attack any other territory. In fact, it’s better to send your troops for a gathering march even if you’re sitting inert, as if you get attacked, your troops won’t get entirely wiped off.


  • This is the easiest rewarding Game of Thrones Conquest hack among all other tricks, to gross up a good amount of bonuses.
  • You just need to log in to the game at least once in every consecutive day, in order to receive more perks. The rewards will automatically show up on the game’s landing page once you log in successfully.
  • Don’t forget to not miss out for a single day otherwise your prize counter will reset itself to Day 1.


 There’s a feature called the ‘World Chat’ in Game of Thrones Conquest, which helps many beginners and rookies to gain more information and expertise on the game.

  • You get an opportunity to learn many unique and exclusive Game of Thrones Conquest tips & tricks through the world chat community.


 Just by searching a little bit, you’d find several fake topics published on the internet like Game of Thrones Conquest mod apk, GoT Conquest cheats for unlimited coins, etc. They’ll direct you to watching ads, collecting surveys, and many useless tasks.

Never trust these unlawful apps and mods with your personal or in-game credentials as they can misuse such information, and can also get you permanently barred from the game.